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Success Stories
Regulatory changes threaten viability of 61-year-old company.
An owner-managed importer of life-saving medicines faces severe profit pressures due to regulatory changes. Implementing new business model reaps 50% compounded annual growth in sales over three years.


Technocrat wishes to learn management skills to manage 25-year-old business.
An owner-managed company, business associates of Swiss and Japanese laboratory analytical equipment has uncertain, unplanned future. Change management initiatives and new business plan double sales in two years.


Differences between team members threaten break-up of business.
Faction-ridden small-scale credit society members come together towards achievement of common goals.







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Are you meeting your business challenges with confidence, or do they overwhelm you?

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"A major benefit of coaching is having someone who helps you see your strengths and weaknesses and use them to accomplish your goals."

Kim Palmer, Minneapolis-St.Paul Star-Tribune

"Most leaders like executive coaching because: they receive direct one-on-one assistance from someone they respect; they don’t have to leave their offices, it fits their time frames and schedules; they can see fast results, if they’re dedicated."

Training & Development, Mar. 1, 99

Our clients say:
”Reading Uday’s articles in the Express Pharma Pulse, I sought his coaching and consulting skills hoping to gain new perspective on managing my business more efficiently. The results were professionally – eye opening and profitable and personally – life changing.”

Dilip Charegaonkar, MD Anchrom Enterprises

“Uday has successfully nursed us through a change of business model – from trading to brand building. He has been our think tank, problem-solver, priority-sorter, and most importantly someone who is ‘hands-on’ with our business – both strategically and operationally.”

Hemant Bhagat, Director, Chandra Bhagat Pharma Pvt Ltd.

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