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Success Stories
Regulatory changes threaten viability of 61-year-old company.
An owner-managed importer of life-saving medicines faces severe profit pressures due to regulatory changes. Implementing new business model reaps 50% compounded annual growth in sales over three years.


Technocrat wishes to learn management skills to manage 25-year-old business.
An owner-managed company, business associates of Swiss and Japanese laboratory analytical equipment has uncertain, unplanned future. Change management initiatives and new business plan double sales in two years.


Differences between team members threaten break-up of business.
Faction-ridden small-scale credit society members come together towards achievement of common goals.


About Magna Associates

Magna Associates is a business started and managed by Uday Arur (CMC) in 1996. He specialises in improving the management capabilities of business owners and their enterprise productivity and profits with personalised coaching and consulting.

He is a Certified Management Consultant, which are International credentials of a professional management consultant awarded by National Members of The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) and recognised in 36 countries worldwide.

Uday has over two decades of diverse experience in the Pharma industry. As General Manager, entrusted with the job of managing the loss-making division of a reputed multinational company,he brought down losses substantially within six months, thereby freeing locked working capital. As Marketing manager of the Indian Pharma business of the world’s third largest FMCG company, he successfully managed the process of taking Disprin (soluble aspirin) OTC and replacing it with its ethical substitute.

Uday is a graduate in Chemistry and has as string of postgraduate qualifications in Marketing, Finance, Operations Research, Comparative Mythologies and Indian Aesthetics.

He assists owner-managers to develop and grow their enterprise by bringing clarity, insight, focus, and action to their goals and helping them to achieve what they are truly capable of doing. An experienced consultant, coach, competent facilitator, an effective workshop leader and a published writer, his mantra is “think better to compete better”.

Business Profile
As a coach and consultant

Uday has assisted small-and-medium-sized business entrepreneurs to greatly improve their business effectiveness. He has succeeded in doubling the sales of client organizations through a skilful blend of consulting and coaching. His client retention rate and their faith in him, is testimony to his contributions to their growth and success.

As a workshop leader

Uday has run several highly successful workshops, for blue –chip companies as well as small-and-medium-sized businesses.

As a writer:

Uday is the editor of Biz Mantras – a much appreciated free monthly online management newsletter. A prolific writer, he contributes regularly to reputed trade weeklies like Express Pharma Pulse and Chronicle Pharma Biz. Over 50 of his articles have been published on a range of business topics.

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As Guest Faculty:

He has been the visiting faculty at reputed management institutes for management subjects such as Marketing Management, Sales Management, and Principles and Practices of Management etc.
He has conceived, planned and managed the Mumbai Retail Profile project for MET Institute of Management and created the student study material for Market Research for the Welingkar Institute of Management.

•    My Clients:

     •  Business Coaching and Consulting

          Anchrom Enterprises
          Chandra Bhagat Pharma Pvt Ltd
          Ravik Printers
          Toshniwal Analytics
          Talent India

     •   Drafting Project plan for launch of Pharma company

          Hede Business group

     •   Training
          Cadila Laboratories
          Medicine Shoppe
          Janvikas Credit Society
          Talent India
          Sunways (India) Pvt. Ltd

     •   Market Research Projects

          Schwarde Pharmaceuticals (Market study for nitroglycerine patch)
          Bharat Serum and Vaccines (7-market research projects)

•    Certified Management Consultant by the Institute of Management Consultants of India

•    Professional diplomas in

          Operations Research
          Indian Aesthetics
          Comparative Mythology

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