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About Coaching

My clients are most often:
•  Small-business-owners
•  Owner-managers
•  Entrepreneurs

Are you a successful business owner or manager but are looking for something more? Do you want to focus on growing in a new direction? Do you want to grow dramatically in an area you currently do well? I help clients improve their decision-making skills and business capabilities and help them move forward in a consistent and focused way towards increased profits.

Why my clients work with me:
•  I help my clients to find their own solutions versus finding it for them
•  I go deeper to uncover and eliminate the causes of the symptoms
•  I am skilled at guiding you along the path that is right for YOU
•  I customize my approach for each client and avoid formulas or one-size fits all approaches
•  Together we can make the most daunting challenges manageable and great learning experiences

My Coaching Process:

My Coaching Technique

In coaching, accountability and personal attention increase application and therefore success. I ensure this through my unique proprietary 3C3W technique

My 3C3W Technique

Client Level Organization Level
Challenges Workplace
Capabilities Work
Commitment Worker

Here’s how the technique works in practice:

Process  area

How I do it

Change Management

I help make new initiatives really work and to make them accepted and integrated into the organization

Strategic Planning

Help design a clear picture of the desired future

Organization Redesign

Help the whole organization find better ways of organizing the work for improved reliability, quality and Customer Satisfaction

Team Building

Help work teams form, grow and agree on ways to work together more effectively and productively.


Help get the most from important group or Customer meetings

Instructional Design

Design learning events that are practical, relevant and very effective – all to meet your specific needs!

Code of ethics
•    Adding value
•    Using validated practices
•    Collaborating with others
•    Continuously improving ones proficiency
•    Demonstrating integrity
•    Upholding confidentiality.

My Guarantee
I believe my work isn't complete until you are satisfied with the results you have received. When working with me, I will build performance and satisfaction guarantees to ensure your delight with me and my work, and most importantly, your results.

In case you still are not sure how business coaching can help you, let’s talk. I’ll tell you how the process works and you can get to know my coaching style.

Contact me at:
13, United House, M.T. Road, Mahim, Mumbai 400 016, India
Phone: 91-022-24308352
Mobile: 9820784691
Email: uday@arurbizcoach.com

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