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What readers have to say about Biz Mantras

·        “Your mantras are indeed thought provoking and if a company follows every word then success will be theirs but human mind is not the same in the company and it constantly changes.
Once again, your mantras are excellent and you are indeed doing a yeoman service to the industry.

- Ananth Prabhu, Sr. Scientific Officer

·        “I am now in a way addicted to your Biz Mantra and look forward to receiving it.”
Rakshit Tewari, Sales Manager

·        “You are doing a wonderful job, and may we have many more individuals like you in society.”
Ankur Gupta, Consultant

·        “You have become our Guru with these valuable Biz Mantras. Gu is Darkness &
Ru is Lightness. So Guru is the person who takes you from Darkness to Lightness. You are doing it wonderfully! Our IQ and EQ both are enriched by you!!
Mohan Raorane, Owner, Ad agency

·         “(Biz Mantras) really helps to add to my knowledge especially the anecdotes you share with us are truly amazing”
Jatinder Jindal, Product Manager

·         “The Biz mantras is really well crafted & a lot of analytical thought goes intoits making, as is evident from the HISMA Tool for decision making,”
Jitendra Gokarn, Manager, Packing Materials - Testing and Design


·         (Biz Mantras) has helped me not only in my professional activities, but also have helped me to groom the personality on an overall basis - thank you very much for this.
- Chetan Somaiya, CRO researcher

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deliver smart results.

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Engaging your “Inner CEO”

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