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The Business Challenges Assessment
Helps you identify your business challenges

The Core Strength Finder
Discover and play to your strengths with this assessment

The Quick MBTI
Of the many different systems for determining personality type, perhaps the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the best known. It measures four different dimensions of personality and breaks its analysis down into sixteen different types. You can get a very quick feel for what personality type you are by taking the simple test above; it consists of just four little questions and provides some interesting feedback.

The Self- Esteem Test
Self confidence is an important ingredient to our success in business and in life. Research has shown that a high degree of self-confidence in supervisors, managers and executives is a stronger predictor of success than the level of skill or previous training.
Take this test to discover important information regarding how you feel about yourself.

A whole lot of fascinating tests to understand yourself.

The Positive Impact Test
Assess what positive impact you make low, high or some.

Foundation analysis tools used by the 5 top U.S. business-consulting firms adapted for use of small business owners


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