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Regulatory changes threaten viability of 61-year-old company
   An owner-managed pharmaceutical company with several decades of importing and selling life-saving medicines was facing severe pressures due to regulatory changes. The new order required product registration of all imported products – at a great cost to the company. This situation led to product shortages and consequent pressures on the bottom-line.
The solution and help with the implementation of the new business model of import substitution, local manufacture and setting up of own sales force has resulted in a business turnaround. Sales have shown a compound annual growth of 50% for the past 4 years.

“Uday has successfully nursed us through a change of business model – from trading to brand building. He has been our think tank, problem-solver, priority-sorter, and most importantly someone who is ‘hands-on’ with our business – both strategically and operationally.”

Hemant Bhagat, Director, Chandra Bhagat Pharma Pvt Ltd.

Technocrat wishes to learn management skills to manage 25-year-old business
  A 25-year-old owner-managed company, business associates of Swiss and Japanese laboratory analyses equipment, was facing a situation of stagnant sales.
Personal one-to-one coaching of the Managing Director, drafting of new business plans, employee training workshops and the careful monitoring and implementation of suggested strategies has resulted in doubling of sales within two years of taking up assignment.

“Reading Uday’s articles in the Express Pharma Pulse, I sought his coaching and consulting skills hoping to gain new perspective on managing my business more efficiently. The results were professionally – eye opening and profitable and personally – life changing.”

Dilip Charegaonkar, MD Anchrom Enterprises

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Differences between team members threaten break-up of business
  A credit society, small, but with big ambitions to grow, ran into major differences amongst the directors about the way forward. The differences were threatening the very existence of the credit society. A group coaching session with the directors helped them to come together on a common platform combining vision, goals, and personal aspirations.

Tennis coach needs self-confidence to become business entrepreneur
  A young son of a business owner had devoted a major part of his youth to tennis and tennis coaching in India, U.S and Australia. Though keen on becoming an entrepreneur in India, he lacked the self-confidence to do so. Laser coaching sessions with the young man helped him gain confidence in himself and to visualize and structure his goals in a strategic and attainable fashion.

“Thank you sir! I have now found a friend who I can talk to when I am not sure what I should do”

Anand, Ahmedabad

Business group new to Pharma industry wants to start new company
  A business group, strangers to the pharmaceutical industry wished to start a new Pharma company. A project plan was drafted on the basis of which the bank sanctioned a loan. The plan covered:
a) Product mix
b) Pricing
c) Manufacturing strategy and tie-ups
d) Distribution strategy
e) Promotional strategies
f) Field force structure and recruitment plan
g) Field force deployment and
h) Five year financials

Pharma company wants new insights into product and therapeutic category potential
  A pharmaceutical company wanted to launch a first-time-in-India indigenously manufactured anti-fungal. The company wanted to be guided on the product potential in cancer and AIDS, pricing and product positioning.
For this, a Market research exercise was carried out and conclusions and recommendations presented.
Implementation of the recommendations has helped the company gain substantial market share of the category.

‘Uday has keen marketing acumen and insight. In the past several years he has conducted several Market Research studies for our new and existing products and has helped us to better formulate the marketing strategies for them.”

Bharat Daftary, Managing Director, Bharat Serums and Vaccines

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