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Success Stories
Regulatory changes threaten viability of 61-year-old company.
An owner-managed importer of life-saving medicines faces severe profit pressures due to regulatory changes. Implementing new business model reaps 50% compounded annual growth in sales over three years.


Technocrat wishes to learn management skills to manage 25-year-old business.
An owner-managed company, business associates of Swiss and Japanese laboratory analytical equipment has uncertain, unplanned future. Change management initiatives and new business plan double sales in two years.


Differences between team members threaten break-up of business.
Faction-ridden small-scale credit society members come together towards achievement of common goals.




Our workshops are based on a careful assessment of your organization’s  requirements, and designed to meet your exclusive needs.

Some of the workshops and programmes we have created especially for our clients:

Business Improvement Facilitation
  To engage people, drive improvement and focus strategy in your organization
  Times are tough for most businesses. Aggressive competition, demanding customers, new technologies, global markets, and the recent downturn in the economy are putting unprecedented pressure on many companies who must rethink the way they do business or, in some cases, face extinction. Uday Arur’s years of experience as a Business Facilitator can help you to go through the rethinking and change process in a planned and structured fashion - saving you the time, effort, and cost of achieving your goals.
  Here’s what participants have to say about Uday Arur’s Business facilitation;
  “Things are becoming orderly…and we can work in a more orderly, disciplined and professional manner.”
   Sales engineer, Gansons Ltd.

“..people are thinking on every action. So many discussions are going on between individuals. More systematic approach is getting developed.”

  Production Executive, Gansons Ltd.

Now! Business Improvement simplified!

To be able to move your organization forwards, you need to know where it is now. You need to know where it works well (Strengths) and where it could work better (Areas for Improvement).

If the challenges of identifying and measuring these areas are making you put off the exercise, fret no more! The Self-assessment Workbook helps you to have close look at these areas and measure your organization‘s readiness to achieve success. The Workbook can be customized to meet your organizations particular requirements.

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Crafting Creative Communication
  For new as well as experienced product and marketing managers from pharmaceutical companies.
  “Two workshops were conducted for our product managers by Uday Arur to train and improve the strategic thinking, creative and copywriting skills. They proved very beneficial in helping them understand the different product management processes”
  S.V Iyer, Personnel Manager Cipla
  For Vision, Mission and Goal-setting (for students and individuals)
  “Thank you sir! I have now found a friend who I can talk to when I am not sure what I should do”
  Anand, Ahmedabad
  “I was a struck in a job with a boss I hated, till I attended Uday’s workshop on goal setting. Right there, I decided to quit and materialize my dream of starting my own travel agency.”
  Aparna Jadhav, Director Travel Trends
  “Being overweight, I had joined a gym to reduce my weight, however I was not at all regular. After undergoing Uday’s Pathfinder course, I found a new commitment to attend gym regularly. I have now lost 8 Kilos in 3 months.”
  Abhishek Gokarn, Engineering student
Vision and Mission Mapping (for corporates)
  Practice of New Business Processes
  “The workshops on Vision and Mission, Efficient Business Practices and Selling as a Process, have been of immense help to my organization to set us on a new, profitable course”
  Managing Director, Analytical Instrument Sale Organization, Mumbai
Customer Relationship Management
  “This CRM workshop is the first useful company programme, where I am going back with new learning on building customer relationships which I can implement in my business!”
  Medicine Shoppe Franchisee, Nagpur 
Goal setting and Process Mapping
  “ Attending the workshop on Goal Setting helped us to sort out the differences among our directors about the future direction our credit society should take. Uday helped us establish our short and medium term goals clearly.”
  Director, Cooperative Credit Society, Palghar
Body Language at work
  For sales and marketing staff at all levels.
  “I wish to acknowledge that there has been tremendous impact on the team, of the subject handled by you. We value your contribution to Talent India and must mention here that you remain CHOICE OF WHOLE TEAM.”
  Mr. K.S. IYER Director Talent India 
Dil Chahata Hai
  A Journey to Self-discovery (For employees at all levels)
  “We are so involved in the daily race that we do not find the time to think about these all-important issues. Your programme helped me to understand my deepest desires. Thank you!”
  Ramesh Naidu, Anchrom



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